Warm Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo massage will leave you feeling relaxed and energised and with a sense that your muscles have been stretched, warmed and elongated.


Warm bamboo massage uses solid bamboo sticks of different lengths and diameters to massage the body. The sticks are gently warmed and applied to give deep and long massage strokes to break down tension and stretch tight muscles.

This treatment works especially well for runners and cyclists experiencing tightness in their legs, feet and IT band. (Chat to Grace about yoga postures to help at home) It is also of great benefit to anyone suffering from shortened muscles due to postural imbalances. The feeling of warmth and easing of the muscles in the neck and shoulders is amazing for those of us with office/ desk based jobs. 


Warm bamboo massage is a unique new way to relax tight muscles and release stress and tension and improve sports performance. If you like deep tissue work, this treatment is for you.


Bamboo has a particular texture which makes it particularly good for increasing blood flow, with many clients commenting on the pleasant feeling of bamboo on the skin. The bamboo allows the application of as much or as little pressure to target areas for for deep tissue work that larger, more muscular clients want.


Bamboo sticks also come in different shapes and sizes, allowing access to large muscle groups, or use smaller pieces for difficult areas such as the neck and shoulder regions, which are key areas whenever a client is presenting with stress.


The heat element is amazing, combining massage with heat is a match made in heaven, and Warm Bamboo massage is a beautiful way to reap the benefits of applying heat to tense areas.


The massage itself promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. An added benefit is that using the bamboo sticks allows for deeply penetrating manoeuvres to be performed upon the client in a soothing and blissfully relaxing way. 

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